Graduate Success

Getting a career in the technology or design field. If you’re on this website, that is most likely your goal. At Sullivan College of Technology and Design (SCTD), we have scores of graduates who have gone on to work across the globe for a variety of companies.

  • Since the news is always filled with stories about layoffs and downsizing, it's refreshing to hear of a company who knows the value of a good education and is paying an alum to receive it! John Bennett is a 1998 graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Technology/Robotics program and has worked as a technician since he completed his degree. Last year he moved to a new company, Marmon-Herrington, which converts various vehicles to all-wheel drive and also sells kits that have all the parts for conversion to other companies. Recently, Bennet was offered a position in the design department. The offer meant a great promotion with opportunity for advancement, but Bennet needed stronger CADD skills and returned to SCTD to develop his CADD potential. Bennett states that it, "took a minute to get my brain back in gear," and he, "still forgets to hang up my parking sticker," but he is enjoying CADD and can't wait to put his new knowledge to work. The company has paid for his courses up front, knowing that he will do well in his classes. He comes to class twice a week for two hours, during which his company continues to pay his salary. SCTD is proud to partner with Marmot-Herrington to ensure that John Bennett has the skills that make him eligible for the promotion.

    John Bennett, '98 Mechanical Engineering Technology/Robotics, Marmot-Herrington
  • "SCTD has a really hands-on approach in all facets of the CNA program. I honestly don't think I would be in the job I am in if I did not have my degree."

    Matt Cambron, '07 Computer Network Administration degree, Sullivan University System
  • "Hello, my name is Kevin Hornocker. I received my Associate Degree in Mechanical Computer Aided Design Drafting in 2002. I chose Tech because this school has the highest job placement and a relaxed student environment. Also, smaller classroom sizes, which in turn gives the students more one-on-one time with the teachers and makes learning easier. I had a great overall student experience. Everyone was kind and more than willing to help out if I had any problems or questions. If I needed extra help, the instructors were more than willing to give me the time and attention I needed. With the hands-on training that I received, I believe my experience was great. I chose my field of study because I love to design. I'm very interested in the mechanical aspects of things and how they work. By going to college I am no longer working in a factory but I am out in the business field in which I have my degree. I like my job and I am achieving success. Currently I am a Mechanical Design Drafter at the Lyons Companies in Louisville, Kentucky where I design parts for the sheet metal industry. Right now I am designing parts for GE, Whirlpool and other facilities around the world."

    Kevin Hornocker, '02 Mechanical Design Drafter, Lyons Companies
  • Tracy Pierce '07, '08 isn't really an overachiever; she just knows the value of a good education and re-enrolled to earn her third degree in the Computer Network Security and Forensics (CNSF) program. "I really liked working with computers and wanted to learn more about them. It's a growing field and I thought I would have a good shot and a great job with the skills I could learn," Pierce said. She knew she'd gain the skill set she wanted at Sullivan College of Technology and Design (SCTD) since she earned her two other degrees there! "I had shopped around for a good computer graphic design program and all I was finding were programs that required four years and only gave you two or three classes in PhotoShop. That just wasn't enough for me to justify getting the loans required to go to school," Pierce recalled. "When I found SCTD and saw how many classes I would take in all the Adobe programs, I was hooked. I called and talked to Admissions Officer Rob Rahiya, took a tour and enrolled. My education has well prepared me for my career. After I graduated in 2007, I used all my skills that I had learned in PhotoShop to process images for Zappo's, now Amazon." Pierce enjoyed doing video editing for some of those images and returned to SCTD to earn her second degree in Dynamic Web Development in 2008. "I've always been very interested in drawing, painting and computers. I just decided to enhance my interests by learning how to combine them all to make interesting images. I was drawn to the Dynamic Web program because it gave me a chance to enhance the Web Designing I had learned in the Graphic Design program. They all wrap neatly into one big program and enhance each other." A two-time grad, Pierce offers advice for other alumni. "Keep in good standing with your admissions officer. He or she is always there to help and keep you going and learning. I kept in touch with Rob through emails and he helped me re-enroll in the CNSF degree program."

    Tracy Pierce '07, '08 Computer Network Security and Forensics, Dynamic Web Development