More than 50 years of streamlined technology training.

At Sullivan College of Technology and Design (SCTD), we challenge every student to be the best he or she can be, to shape his or her talent and passion into a fulfilling career.

Are you ready to be one of them?

Whether you’re a technical person or more of the creative type – or both – you’ll find that SCTD can help your future arrive more quickly. If you want to succeed, we want to make it simple.

Contact our admissions office to schedule a on-campus visit or to have your questions answered. You’ll complete an enrollment agreement and we’ll walk you through the entrance requirements to be considered for acceptance.

Admissions acceptance requirements:

  • Be a high school graduate, have a General Educational Development (GED) certificate or meet the secondary school education requirements in a certified program for home-schooled students.
  • Meet with an admissions officer to learn in-depth about your program of choice, take a campus tour, answer any questions you may have and complete all application paperwork.
  • Achieve adequate scores on our entrance assessment, the Career Placement Acceptance Test (CPAT).
  • For entrance into a bachelor’s programs, earn your associate degree.

There’s no deadline to apply.

Two plus two program.

SCTD’s undergraduate academic programs are set up on a 2+2 format. This means that you’ll progress through an associate degree on the way to a bachelor’s program as a college junior. The classes required to complete the bachelor’s degree are listed by major in our catalog. Since all bachelor’s degrees are in the 2+2 format, only the additional classes are noted in the catalog for the last portion of the bachelor’s degree.

In some programs, a few classes are required for bachelor’s degree completion that may not have been a part of your associate degree program. These classes are noted at the end of each bachelor’s degree curriculum and also on your bachelor’s degree curriculum planner and scheduling guide. In all instances, a minimum of 180 quarter credit hours are required for bachelor’s degree completion; some majors will accept the 180 credit hour minimum.

Equal opportunity admissions.

It is the policy of SCTD to admit all applicants who meet the academic and technical standards for admission or participation in a particular educational program or activity without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, creed, sex, disability or age.

Rolling acceptance policy.

There is no deadline for submitting an application for admission. The college has a rolling admissions policy and those who apply first are accepted first. It is best to submit an application as early as possible to be considered before the date you anticipate starting your classes. New quarters begin in January, March, June and September of each year.

Contact our admissions team now to be considered for acceptance.

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