Call to Active Duty Policy

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Students who are members of the military guard and reserves may be called to active duty. The intent of the below policy is to minimize inconveniences to students who must fulfill their military responsibilities. Students called to active duty have two options:

  • The student may withdraw from all courses and receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees (students receiving financial aid will be subject to the refund policies of the agencies sponsoring the aid).
  • The student may receive an Incomplete or a final grade in the course(s) taken, if the student has permission from the instructor(s).

Either of the above two options can occur anytime during the quarter through the end of final examinations.


Additional information regarding withdrawals:

  • If a withdrawal is processed after the first week of class, the grade of ‘W’ will be assigned initially.
  • The withdrawal request must be made within one week of being called to active duty and may be made by either the student or other responsible party who has the student’s military information.
  • Students must provide a copy of their orders to the Registrar’s Office along with a signed note asking to be withdrawn. This material can be:
    • Delivered in person to the Registrar’s Office
    • Mailed to: Sullivan University, ATTN: James Taylor, 3101 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40205
    • Faxed to: (502) 454-4880
    • Scanned and emailed to
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Please direct any questions about this process to the Registrar’s Office at (502) 413-8515 / 800-844-1354 ext. 8515 or

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Our Commitment to Military Students

Sullivan University is committed to providing a quality education to our service members and their families, and has done so at Fort Knox campus for over 30 years. During Sullivan’s long partnership with Fort Knox and the Army, we have tailored our educational services to meet the varying needs of the service members around the world.

We welcome active duty, reserve and veteran military personnel as members of Sullivan University’s student community. We respect and honor your service to our country and hope to facilitate the process of continuing your education to meet your professional and personal goals.

The 2014 G.I. Jobs Military Friendly Schools list is out, and again Sullivan University made it on the list of the top 15% of military-friendly schools. To qualify among the top 1,000 schools in the nation, Sullivan had to demonstrate sufficient recruitment and retention efforts, financial commitments, and student success rates.

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The demands of a military life and career are challenging. You made a life-changing decision when you joined the military, and you make another life-altering choice when you decide to further your education. Learn More.

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Following your years of service in the military, making the decision to enhance your valuable experience with additional education is a wonderful way to solidify your future. Learn More.

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In recognition of your sacrifice as a military family member, there are a number of education resources available to help you advance your personal and career goals while you support your military service member. Learn More.