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  1. Is the Physician Assistant Program at Sullivan accredited?
    The PA Program received Accreditation-Provisional by the Accreditation Review Commission for the Education of Physician Assistants (ARC-PA) in March 2014. Accreditation-Provisional is the accreditation status awarded to new programs who have demonstrated the ability to conduct a program but have not yet graduated any students. Programs in this category are carefully monitored and visited to ensure they are fulfilling their obligation to their students.
  2. Is your program offered online?
    No – The Physician Assistant Program is a full-time, on campus, 24 month program. The first twelve months is dedicated to the didactic year and the second twelve months is spent in clinical rotations.
  3. Do you use CASPA?
    Applications to the PA Program at Sullivan University are handled in-house. We do not use CASPA.
  4. When do you accept applications?
    The admissions cycle for the PA Program is open from May through October for the class to start the following June. The electronic application, recommendation form and direct patient contact form are posted on the PA Program website under the yellow highlighted tab “Application for Admission” when the cycle opens. All accompanying documentation must be postmarked by December 15th, i.e., transcripts, recommendations, etc. or application will be deemed incomplete and will not be considered.
  5. Does your program utilize rolling admissions?
    Yes – when an application file is complete with all supporting documentation, it is reviewed by faculty who make a recommendation to interview or not interview. If approved, the applicant is scheduled for interview. The applicant will be notified of his/her status (accepted, waitlisted, or denied) within 2 weeks of interview.
  6. How many students are accepted into the program?
    The inaugural class was approved to start with 25 students in June 2014; the second class admitted 35 students for the June 2015 start; and the third class, which starts in June 2016, can admit up to 50 students.
  7. Does the program require a bachelor degree before application?
    No, however, all applicants must earn their bachelor’s degree by April 1st prior to matriculation in the program.
  8. Does the PA Program require a specific undergraduate major?
    While many applicants have earned a bachelor degree in a science or health field, it is not required. Applicants are admitted from a variety of education, experience and background.
  9. Do you require the GRE, GMAT or MCAT?
  10. What prerequisites are required for the program?
    English Composition
    Psychology (Intro, Developmental or Abnormal)
    Medical Terminology
    General Chemistry I with lab
    General Chemistry II with lab
    Physiology (or Anatomy and Physiology I and II)
    Other courses recommended but not required are: Organic Chemistry I with lab, Organic Chemistry II with lab and Biochemistry.
  11. How can I make sure my courses will satisfy the prerequisites?
    If you have questions about whether a course will be accepted as a prerequisite, please contact the Admissions Coordinator at PAProgram@sullivan.edu with the course name and number, course description and educational institution. The information will be reviewed and a response will be sent to you as soon as possible.
  12. Can I apply before I finish my prerequisites?
    Yes. Candidates can submit an application as long as they have no more than two outstanding prerequisites and those courses are complete by April 1st.
  13. I took some of the prerequisites 5 years ago. Is there a time limit for prerequisite courses?
    We do not place a specific time limit or expiration on the prerequisites.
  14. Can I apply before I complete the direct patient contact hours?
    No. Applicants must complete at least 500 direct patient contact hours in order to apply.
  15. I am a foreign medical graduate. What steps do I need to take to apply to the program?
    Transcripts of foreign medical graduates must be evaluated by Worldwide Education Services WES) to establish equivalencies to university courses and grades in the United States. You will also be required to take the TOEFL exam.
  16. Who needs to take the TOEFL Exam?
    Applicants whose “first” language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum of 26 must be scored in each category: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  17. Does the program have specific GPA requirements?
    Yes. The program requires:

    • Minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0
    • Minimum math/science prerequisite GPA of 3.0
    • Minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 (if applicable)
  18. Will I be able to work during the program?
    The curriculum for the PA Program is very rigorous, therefore, it is strongly recommended that students do not work while completing the program.