The need to protect electronic and physical property of organizations from intruders, potential theft and other compromising acts is considered paramount for the fast-paced global economy. The increase of mobile users, digital applications and data networks deepens the reliance on transmitted data and information through cyberspace. This growth requires the advanced study of information security as hackers constantly explore and exploit any new protective measures put in place by organizations. Cyber attacks and digital spying are the top threats to national security, as sensitive information such as employee’s social security numbers, passwords and passcodes, network outages, computer viruses and other incidents threaten the security of many organizations. The Cyber Security Professional Certificate program is a concentration in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program. This intermediate level program builds on technical skills that are needed to defend the enterprise environment and protect an organization, such as packet analysis, penetration testing, incident handling, and malware removal.

This certificate is 32 quarter credit hours and may be taken as a stand-alone certificate in 12 months for part-time students, or it may be incorporated into a degree program.


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