Good grades and test scores help you earn scholarships.

If you’ve worked hard, you should reap the rewards. That’s why students that are preparing to enter the Sullivan College of Design and Technology (SCTD) who have earned good grades and high test scores are eligible for a wide range of scholarships, which is financial aid that does not have to be repaid. These scholarships include:

  • Kentucky Educational Excellent Scholarships (KEES) – These state awards are given to Kentucky high school students with ACT scores 15 or above, and at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Sullivan College of Design & Technology Scholarships –
    • SCHOLARSHIP EXAM DAY – (Saturday, December 5, 2015) Sullivan College of Technology and Design (SCTD) offers a scholarship exam for high school seniors. Students have an opportunity to earn up to a $3,000 scholarship to attend SCTD. Scholarships are awarded by the scores participants receive on a general aptitude test. The top six scorers will receive scholarships: two – 1st place of $3,000; two – 2nd place of $2,000; and two – 3rd place of $1,000. Any current year high school senior considering SCTD is eligible to compete. Student must RSVP!!!
    • SCHOLARSHIP FAIR – (Saturday, February 6, 2016) Sullivan College of Technology and Design (SCTD) holds its annual scholarship fair for high school seniors. Students considering SCTD compete in one of several competitions including drafting, electronics, art, computer networking and interior design. Hands-on projects are judged and SCTD scholarships are awarded to the top projects in each division. Scholarship awards are $3,000 for 1st place in each division, $2,000 for 2nd place and $1,000 for 3rd place winners. Students must RSVP!!! ** Only 1 scholarship from this event can be awarded to winner**
  • TECH PREP – Around March/April of your senior year, scholarships are available through Sullivan College of Technology and Design’s (SCTD) Tech Prep high school program. High schools that have developed a Tech Prep articulation agreement with SCTD are awarded $500 scholarships to give to seniors who may be considering SCTD. A limited number of these scholarships are awarded each year and each high school may use its own criteria when awarding.
  • SKILLS USA – Scholarships will be provided to those high school students who receive a 1st or 2nd place award in the following categories: 3D visualization and Animation, Web Design, Advertising Design, Architectural Drafting, Electronics Technology, Graphic Communications, Internetworking, Robotics, and Interior Design.
    1st Place scholarship amount- $6,000
    2nd Place scholarship amount- $4,000
    3rd Place scholarship amount – $2,000
  • GED Scholarships – Students who have taken the initiative to earn a General Education Diploma (GED) in the past year may be eligible for up to $1,800.
  • The Outstanding Career and Technical Student Scholarship is for one-half the tuition for an associate degree program. High school seniors who become full-time students at Sullivan College of Technology & Design in the summer or fall of their high school graduation year and who meet the following qualifications are eligible:
    • Upon graduation from high school have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
    • Achieve a Composite Score of at least 170 on the CPAt (or 23 on the ACT)
    • Become accepted by the college
    • Provide a recommendation by a senior counselor or instructor at the high school
    • Submit a brief (250-300 words) written explanation of what abilities, skills, strategies, etc. have contributed to his/her academic success
    • Participate in a 20-30 minute discussion of the written statement with the selection committee

    From among the pool of applicants each spring, the selection committee will determine which student(s) fully meet the scholarship criteria and qualify for the award. The scholarship is renewable for the length of an associate degree program provided so long as the student maintains full-time status and at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA. It will be applied to the student’s tuition charges quarterly for the duration of his/her program of study. Unless otherwise noted, the Outstanding Career and Technical Student Scholarship is administered according to the basic terms of all Sullivan College of Technology and Design Scholarships. See the 2014-15 Catalog and Student Handbook, p. 52.

    In fall, 2011, the Harshaw Trane and Ingersoll Rand Foundations established scholarships for students in the HVAC-R Technology program. Scholarships are awarded quarterly, and the number and amount of scholarships awarded in any one quarter will depend on the number of qualified potential recipients. To be eligible to apply, a student must meet all scholarship requirements including having a minimum of a 3.50 cumulative GPA after three quarters in the program. The complete criteria for determining scholarship winners are contained in the Scholarship Criteria Checklist, which is available from the Department Chair. – Deadline is Friday, March 4, 2016

  • Other Scholarships – The Exigency Scholarship; SkillsUSA State Competition and Imagine America Scholarships are examples of the funds available to qualified students.

To apply for scholarships and other types of financial aid, please call the financial planning office at 502.456.6509 or contact us for more information. contact us for more information.

Scholarships Links

The following is a list of Internet scholarship search websites. These sites offer free online searches that are customized from information you provide to help narrow the opportunities to your specific background and interests.

  • http://www.imagine-america.orgDuring your SENIOR year, you can go to and apply for a scholarship worth up to $1,000! The number of Imagine America scholarships is limited and certain requirements must be met before approval of your award. It is important that you view/complete the FPMS video tutorial on their website to fully submit your scholarship application.
  • – has a search engine that claims to give you access to information on some 400,000 scholarships. You can customize your search based on such criteria as your ethnic background, academic interests and extracurricular activities.
  • – has useful calculators that let you figure out your family’s expected contribution to college costs and how much you need to invest to meet a particular savings goal. It also has a scholarship search program and a host of other information on financial aid.
  • – is a comprehensive site that offers links to college financial aid offices, financial calculators that can help parents figure out how much college debt they can afford and information on prepaid tuition plans. This site also offers a free scholarship search.
  • – Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • – American Society of Interior Designers
  • – International Interior Design Association
  • – The Community Foundation of Louisville provides a scholarship database of 100s of scholarships for students in the Louisville Community.
  • – One of the best sites to get answers to your financial aid questions and search for scholarships

Other Possible Sources

  • Corporation for National & Community Services @ 800-942-2677 or
  • Kentucky Higher Education “KEES Scholarship” @ 800-928-8926 or (Kentucky Residents Only)
  • The Community Foundation for Louisville –
  • The Complete Scholarship Book published by Fastweb
  • Local business, trade, fraternal, labor & religious organizations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • American Legion, Knights of Columbus, VFW, Rotary Club, Jaycees, Lions Club, Optimists Club
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Boy/Girl Scouts of America
  • Masonic Lodge
  • Places you work, i.e., Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger, UPS, Sam’s Club, etc.