Verification Policy

The following policy has been developed using the guidelines presented in the FSA Handbook, Chapter 4 of the Application and Verification Guide (AVG), and per 34 CFR 668.56.

The time period in which a student must submit verification documentation
Financial Planning will verify any student selected for verification as indicated on the Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR). The financial planning office also has the authority to select additional students for verification, if there is conflicting information in their records or staff believe that the information provided is inaccurate. In both cases, providing documentation will be required. All students selected for verification are required to complete and submit the corresponding verification worksheet(s) as well as any supporting documentation to the financial planning office.
Students selected for verification will be notified by the financial planning office either in person or by phone, and by email of the verification process and documents needed.
In order for financial aid to be included in the student’s award letter required verification documents must be submitted within 30 days of notification that the student was selected for verification. If there is an unforeseen circumstance that prevents the student from meeting this deadline an additional 14 days may be granted at the request of the student. The student must submit the request in writing. However, students have 120 days after their last date of enrollment or by the deadline published in the Federal Register for each award year whichever is earlier, to complete verification.

The consequences for not submitting verification paperwork in time
If verification is not completed within 30 days following notification, the financial aid will be removed from the student’s award letter and the student must have made arrangements with the school for payment of all tuition and fees due or risk an interruption of their studies. Title IV funding will be added back into the packaging once verification has been completed, assuming the federal deadline has not been exceeded. Title IV funding will not be disbursed to a student unless verification has been completed. Not submitting all required documents in a timely manner will delay funds posting to a student’s account. A hold may be placed on the student’s account if the student is receiving financial aid and verification is not completed.

The method the school will use to notify the student if their EFC and/or Title IV amounts change
If the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and/or award amount changes due to corrections made during the verification process, the student will be notified by phone, email, or in person as to the result and the impact if any, it will have on the student’s overall financial aid.

The procedure for the school or student to follow when to correct FAFSA data
In reference to making corrections on the FAFSA the following information applies. Generally speaking, you cannot update information that was correct as of the date the application was signed because the FAFSA is considered to be a snapshot of you/your family financial situation on that date. After the FAFSA is signed, only certain items can be updated. All applicants whose dependency status changes must update that status and the associated FAFSA information throughout the award year except when update is caused by change in student’s marital status. All applicants selected for verification of household size, or number in college must be updated as of the verification date unless the update is due to change in student’s marital status. The marital status used at the time the FAFSA was signed is considered the status used for the entire award year. However the marital status of a dependent student or an independent student selected for verification at the time the FAFSA was signed may be considered for update if the school deems it necessary on a case by case basis only prior to Title IV funding being disbursed. Financial Planning will work with the student to determine what changes are needed and how those changes will be made.

The procedure the school will follow to refer student to the office of Inspector General as defined in Chapter 5 of the OIG.
If there is suspicion that a student has misreported information or altered documentation to fraudulently obtain federal aid, the financial aid officer will submit a complaint to the OIG national hotline online at or call the OIG at 1-800-647-8733.