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Fort Knox Extension

Recognized as a military-friendly school, Sullivan University is proud to have served the Fort Knox community for over 30 years. In addition to serving active duty service members, veterans and their families, our full-service campus is also open to the local community. If you live in the Fort Knox area or are stationed here, Sullivan University makes earning your degree more convenient. The campus offers a variety of innovative facilities that provide real-world experience and an excellent quality of education.


Why choose Sullivan University’s Ft. Knox Extension?

  • Schedules designed to work around your hectic lifestyle
  • We offer online and on-campus classes
  • A wide range of career-focused, short-term programs
  • Conveniently located classrooms and administrative offices
  • Three computer labs
  • Microsoft IT Academy Program that allows students to receive college credit for completing the program

To register for classes, visit the student portal at http://my.sullivan.edu

Fort Knox campus registration

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Fort Knox Faculty

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  • Hard cost savings
    • Very little travel costs- close proximity to Hardin Co., Meade Co., Breckinridge Co., and on Fort Knox
  • Time savings
    • With all classes at night and online, able to fit most busy work schedules
    • Can access online courses, curriculum, etc. 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection
    • Integrates better into a busy schedule
  • Online courses still have access to top-notch, experienced instructors and other benefits associated with the traditional campuses such as career services

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What Makes Sullivan Unique?