Technology Degrees for…

At Sullivan College of Technology and Design (SCTD), you’ll meet all types of people, from the recent high school graduate working on a degree in Computer Network Security & Forensics to the HVAC-R specialist who has gone back to school to increase his or her knowledge.

Regardless of where you are in life, SCTD can help you turn your unique talents into a tangible career.

High School Senior

At SCTD, we understand that filling out application forms can seem tedious and complicated. That’s why we’ve streamlined our application and admissions process to make it fast, simple and convenient for you to complete the necessary paperwork and get on with your life. And best of all, you’ll be teamed up with an SCTD admissions officer throughout the entire process. Together, we will provide all of the encouragement, assistance and support you need to bring your academic goals within your reach.

Selecting the right college is a big decision and at SCTD, we want you to have the information you need to make an informed decision. We think you’ll like our real-world approach to earning a career-focused degree, and we hope you’ll take a few minutes to discover some of the reasons many of today’s high school students are choosing Sullivan College of Technology and Design.

High-school seniors can attend classes here without tuition cost through the SCTD Jump Start program.

Jump Start

  • The Jump Start program is available to high school seniors during the college’s summer, fall, winter and spring quarters.
  • You can take up to two classes per quarter.
  • You must be in satisfactory academic standing at your high school, as verified by a high school counselor.
  • You must pass SCTD’s entrance examination and all other entrance requirements at the same level required of other applicants to the same program.
  • Your high school counselor must approve of your participation in the program and notify SCTD in writing of such approval.

Contact an admissions officer for more information.

Adult Student

SCTD supports adults who are starting or returning to college, as well as currently enrolled adult students. Whether you want to get better pay, start a new career or simply challenge yourself, a college degree can help take you there.

We aspire to make your experience as an SCTD student a rewarding academic achievement. To help you accomplish your academic goals, our team of dedicated professionals offers information, assistance, scholarships, programs and advocacy tailored to the unique needs of our adult students.

Contact an admissions officer for more information.

Transfer Student

Our goal is to help you prepare for a career quickly and successfully. That’s why we make it easy for you to transfer credit hours from other accredited post-secondary institutions if they directly apply to your course of study at SCTD.

If you’ve completed classes equivalent to courses offered here and have earned a grade of “C” or better, you can receive credit so you can complete your chosen program faster. Official transcripts from another college, university or technical school must be provided to our Registrar and Academic Dean, who will determine what coursework is eligible for transfer. If you have other experience, such as advanced high school coursework or an extensive work background, a proficiency exam can help you achieve applicable credit(s). Our admissions team can help you arrange this.

Returning Student

If you wish to re-enter SCTD, you must contact our re-entry specialist. During the re-entry registration process, your records will be reviewed and a determination made on your qualification for re-entry. If accepted, you will be required to pay the current tuition rates for your remaining classes.

In addition to re-entry registration, you will need to meet with Financial Aid to resume packaging for the current year. You will be required to have the most current FAFSA on file with Financial Aid in order to complete the re-entry registration process.

Ready to resume your education? Contact Faleisha Cooper, Re-entry and Continuing Education Admissions Officer at (502) 213-8233 or send her an email at

Non-degree seeking Student

If you would like to enroll for personal and/or professional development rather than to pursue a diploma or degree, you may apply for admission to the college as a non-degree student. Admission status is determined by the information you report. A high school transcript or GED certificate is required. There is no limit to the number of credit hours you may accumulate. There is, however, no guarantee that should you decide to convert your enrollment status to degree-seeking that those courses taken while a non-degree student will be applicable to your SCTD degree program. If you decide to convert to degree-seeking status, you must meet all regular admissions requirements. If your status is non-degree seeking and you are taking individual subjects, you are responsible for notifying the Registrar’s office if you choose to become degree-seeking.

If you’re ready to take on a challenge that can lead to a life-altering career, give us a call at (502) 456-6509 or email us