The Master of Public Management (MPM) program stresses the language, theory and practice of public management while building a breadth of managerial competencies in courses from across our other graduate programs. The program develops key leadership and managerial skills required in the public sector to implement policies, projects and programs, while addressing organizational, human resource and budgetary issues.

Aimed at professionals working within government at any level or whose organizations do business with government, the MPM program builds its core of public sector-oriented courses on a foundation of required courses from across our graduate programs. By starting with the same two courses required of all beginning MBA students and completing three other courses from the MBA, Conflict Management, and Human Resources programs, MPM students prepare to practice evidence-based management in a variety of organizations.

The four core public management courses aim to introduce students to the language and literature of public management while developing their skills via applied research projects and training experiences.


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