Louisville Students Take Advantage of Finals Study Night

To help students get organized for finals week, Sullivan University’s Louisville campus recently hosted a Finals Study Night. Stress is very common among college students, especially during final exams. Because of that, students have come to look forward to this quarterly event for all their last minute finals preparations.

Those students who were only able to stop by for a short time took advantage of the relaxation activities, consult with faculty, and pick up free study supplies. “It is very important for students to go into finals week prepared, and have all the materials needed to complete their exams,” said Kim Atwood, student life coordinator. To ensure students had a great experience while preparing for finals, complimentary refreshments and prizes are available.

For more information about Finals Study Night and more student involvement opportunities, visit Student Activities online!


Students enjoy pizza and snacks during Finals Study Night.

Students enjoy pizza and snacks during Finals Study Night.



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