The Culinary Arts program at Sullivan University is a fully accredited program with a strong concentration on cooking techniques, food safety and sanitation, nutrition and the overall management of food service operations culminating in an associate degree in Culinary Arts. Students experience six theory/lab classes following in the order of Basic Culinary Skills, Basic Baking, Garde Manger, International, Advanced Culinary Techniques, and a Culinary Practicum that is fulfilled within our onsite restaurant. Other core supporting theory-only classes include Sanitation (HACCP certification), Nutrition, Food and Beverage Cost Controls, Hospitality Management Supervision, Conversational Spanish, Purchasing and Dining Room Services.

Students completing the program not only attain a firm grasp of the foundation of culinary arts, but also of the classical nature of action and reaction where food products are concerned. Furthermore, graduates will be able to effectively order, receive, store, prepare and serve food products in addition to scheduling staff and assessing operational costs.

Graduate employment depends largely on additional experience. Graduates with no additional experience can expect to begin in a cook’s position in any of a variety of establishments from private restaurants to institutional establishments, where they can expect upward mobility within nine months to one year. Graduates with one to two years of outside experience can expect to begin at the management level, supervising four or more, producing schedules, writing menus, and ordering food.

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