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Gary Boettcher

Conflict Management

Ops Analysis – U.S. Naval Academy
M.S.C.M. – Sullivan University
Ph.D. candidate – Sullivan University
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Gary Boettcher has vast experience in consulting for government and corporate organizations, organized labor, Capitol Hill lobbying know-how, and years of experience as a university educator. He served 17 years in the Navy and United States Marine Corps, seven years on the Allied Pilots Association board of directors, and three years as president of the largest commercial pilot trade organization in the world. Gary worked closely with DOT, FAA, TSA, Homeland Security, Federal Air Marshal Service, congressional and executive office leaderships.

  • Master Facilitator of Myers-Briggs Behavior Type assessment
  • Certified in the Kirton KAI cognitive styles Adaptive/Innovative Inventory, Bar-On Emotional Intelligence assessment, and the TKI Conflict Styles Inventory
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