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Helen Bongard

The Institute for Legal Studies

B.A. – Alma College
J.D. – University of Kentucky
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Helen L. Bongard has been in private practice in Lexington, Kentucky since 1991, focusing now as a Guardian ad Litem representing children. She has taught undergraduate and graduate law courses at Sullivan University’s Lexington campus since 1992, where she is a full professor and chair of the Legal Studies department.  Helen has spoken at numerous national, state and local conferences on the paralegal profession and children’s legal issues. She has been an attorney for the Fayette Family Drug Court, a member of the Fayette Family Court Advisory Board, a member of the Fayette Model Court Committee, a member of the state’s Court Improvement Program, and a member of the Greater Lexington Paralegal Association, as well as the Fayette County and Kentucky Bar Associations.

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