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Pearl Brooks, MS, RD, LD

National Center for Hospitality Studies

B.A. – University of Louisville
M.S. – University of Kentucky
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Pearl Brooks has worked in the hospitality and nutrition field for more than 28 years. Pearl is a certified nutritionist in the state of Kentucky. She has had extensive training teaching Culinary as well as Hotel and Restaurant Management courses online. She is a member of the American Diabetes Association and the Louisville Dietetics Association. Among her accomplishments, Pearl has assisted with online class design and development, conducts health fairs, and developed nutritional pamphlets and literature. Pearl is the former business owner of the Designs of Pearl website, and she is an adjunct instructor at Sullivan University.


  • Holds distance-learning certificate from the EDMC, Socrates Distance Learning and Training Program
  • Holds certificate for 30 hours of Educational Psychology from the American Culinary Federation Institute
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