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Dr. Steven Brown

College of Information and Computer Technology

B.S. – City College
M.B.A. – Pace University
D.B.A. – Nova Southeastern University
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Dr. Steven Brown has over 25 years of technical experience in telecommunications, data networks, strategic communications, organizational design, electronic commerce, security and business management. He is an experienced, published professional with a wide-ranging technical and business background. His projects have included security assessments, project risk analysis, network security, cyber security and forensic investigations. He has also worked on business planning, strategy development, government technology restrictions, virtual private networks, biometrics, firewalls and evaluating Internet security technologies. Currently, he works in the doctoral program information assurance specialization at Capella University, mentoring doctoral level learners with dissertations in information assurance and security. He has worked on examining emerging technologies for electronic commerce, such as Radius, SecurID, biometrics, PKI, digital certificates, and encryption. Dr. Brown has also worked on hacker tracing, intrusion detection, and been involved in developing new products and services. He has held several positions of management, directing the work of small groups of highly skilled professionals in developing new products and services for customers.

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