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Sharon Bubenzer

College of Information and Computer Technology

B.S. – Morehead State University
M.B.E. – Morehead State University
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An eastern Kentucky native, Sharon Spencer Bubenzer began her career as the administrative assistant to the vice president for research and development at Morehead State University. Her career has taken many twists and turns, including high school teaching, owning her own small business, performing in her family’s band in Las Vegas for eight years, traveling the world as an entertainment manager, and finally to Sullivan University, where she has been since 1995. Sharon has worn many hats during her tenure at Sullivan, including department chair and dean of academic affairs. However, in the end, her passion as an instructor lured her back to the classroom as a full-time faculty member, where she enjoys helping students master the computer skills that are necessary for success in today’s high-tech society.

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