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Dr. Hilary O. Iwu

College of Information and Computer Technology

B.S. – Fort Hays State University
M.S. – Fort Hays State University
Ph.D. – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Dr. Hilary O. Iwu joined the College of Information and Computer Technology at Sullivan University as an adjunct instructor in 2013. Before coming to Sullivan, Dr. Iwu was associate professor for over 21 years in the Department of Information Systems at Morehead State University. There, Dr. Iwu taught courses, advised students, served as faculty senator, and was the department’s director of the federal technical education database systems (TEDS).

Dr. Iwu’s teaching certificates are from a four-year teacher’s college in Nsu, Nigeria, where he also taught classes at the elementary and secondary school levels. A three-time Teaching and Consultancy Fellow of the United Nations World Development Programs, Dr. Iwu conducts research, attends conferences, and provides services to the community.

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