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Chef Sam Mudd

National Center for Hospitality Studies

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As a full-time chef instructor with Sullivan since 2000, Chef Sam Mudd teaches Basic Culinary Skills, Garde Manger, Foodservice Purchasing and Food & Beverage Cost Control. Chef Mudd has a 10-year history of service with the Salvation Army and currently serves as a member of their advisory board. Since its inception, he has worked to promote the Salvation Army’s Culinary Training Program, teaching classes, planning curriculum and providing teaching materials. Chef Mudd prides himself on the preparation of simple, hearty country foods that people in the region have enjoyed for many years. He believes good food doesn’t have to be fancy or fussy, as long as quality ingredients are treated with respect and skills are continually honed.

  • 2007 Community Service Award
  • Chef of the Year (1981 and 1983)
  • Recipient of the Hermann G. Rusch Award for exemplary achievement and continuing education to culinary arts (2009)
  • Culinary Educator of the Year (2010)
  • CEC
  • CCE
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