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Dr. Anthony A. Piña

Online Studies

A.A. – Brigham Young University
B.A. – Brigham Young University
Ed.D. – La Sierra University
Ed.M. – Brigham Young University
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Dr. Anthony Piña is the Dean of Online Studies at Sullivan University and is a nationally recognized leader in online/distance education. He joined Sullivan in 2008, after a 21-year career in public and private K-12 and higher education. Tony has served as a consultant to Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, local government agencies, educational institutions and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Tony is author of the book Distance Learning and the Institution and co-editor of Real Life Distance Education: Case Studies in Practice. He has over 40 academic publications and has delivered more than 160 conference presentations and over 200 professional workshops.  He serves on the editorial board of three scholarly journals.

Dr. Piña’s Web Page & C.V.

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