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Dr. Cecil E. (Ed) Roby

General Education

B.A. – Glenville State College
M.A. – West Virginia University
Ed.S. – George Peabody College
Ph.D. – Vanderbilt University
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Dr. Ed Roby is senior adjunct instructor of Psychology in the General Education department of Sullivan University. Dr. Roby joined Sullivan University in January 2007 as an adjunct instructor of logistics after retirement from a 25+ years career in marketing management in the private sector. He joined the Sullivan psychology faculty in 2010.  Prior to entering the private sector, Dr. Roby served for five years as assistant professor of education at Morehead State University and before that, as a high school physics and mathematics teacher and supervisor. At Morehead, Dr. Roby taught courses on general and developmental psychology for prospective teachers, taught distance education courses, conducted special training workshops for both students and the public throughout eastern Kentucky, founded and headed Morehead State’s Center for Metric Education, and served as thesis advisor for master’s degree students in the School of Education.


Dr. Roby’s doctoral studies concentrated on the design and analysis of educational psychology experiments. Dr. Roby’s dissertation, entitled “Models for the System of Integers and the Learning of Integer Concepts at the Elementary School Level,” developed and field-tested a novel method for teaching integers concepts to children in grades 3-6.

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