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Dr. Carol A. Tuning

General Education

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Dr. Carol A. Tuning, professor of Mathematics at Sullivan University’s Lexington campus, has over 30 years of experience teaching mathematics, consulting, tutoring and developing curriculum. During those years, she taught basic mathematics, as well as courses like geometry, college algebra, math analysis (calculus) and trigonometry. She has middle school through university teaching experience, and has supervised pre-service teachers and teacher interns. Also, Dr. Tuning continues to teach and tutor students with learning disabilities. While employed as the instructional resources consultant with the Kentucky Department of Education, she worked with school districts to select textbooks and other instructional resources for students K-12. In addition, she served as a state supervisor of mathematics with the Virginia Department of Education, working with schools to align the mathematics curriculum with state standards. During that time, she co-authored publications related to how to teach mathematics and diagnose student errors.  Currently, Dr. Tuning writes weekly articles for the Chronicle, Sullivan’s student newsletter. Her articles relate to how to succeed in college and the business world.

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