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Dr. Emmanuel E. Udoh

College of Information and Computer Technology

B.S. – University of Ife (OAU)
M.S. – Muenster University
M.S. – Troy University
M.B.A. – Capella University
Ph.D. – Capella University
Ph.D. – Erlangen University
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Dr. Emmanuel E. Udoh is the dean of the Sullivan University College of Information and Computer Technology. In addition to his administrative title of dean, Dr. Udoh holds a concurrent faculty title of full professor. Dr. Udoh oversees Sullivan’s programs within the College of Information and Computer Technology at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Prior to his appointment at Sullivan, Dr. Udoh was the chair/director of the IT department at National College and an assistant professor of Computer Science at Indiana University-Purdue University in Fort Wayne.

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