Choose Your Career. Change Your Life.

Your life’s work is an enormous part of what defines you. Choosing the direction that brings your passion, talent, interest and ability together can set your entire career in motion. And choosing Sullivan College of Technology & Design can get that career off to a fast start and put surprising opportunities within your grasp.

We’ve selected the fastest-growing, most exciting creative and technical careers, and developed a range of appropriate degree programs to get you there.

Our expedited career tracks prepare you quickly for success, as you learn your profession from the inside out. You’ll receive hands-on training with some of the industry’s leading professionals. Soon, you’ll take your place among the successful graduates who are leaders in their chosen fields.


Sullivan Tech: Education at the Cutting Edge

At Sullivan Tech, we are in sync with what you want out of your education. We make sure your college education is streamlined, hands-on and, most importantly, worth your time and investment.

Personalized attention | With an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, our instructors will get to know you and will be invested in your progress from the start

Career-focused classes | Our curriculum is designed so that nearly every class you take is directly related to your chosen career field

Tuition with no surprises | Your tuition will never increase, as long as you stay continuously enrolled

Fast quarters | Our year-round quarter system means you’ll finish sooner than you could with traditional semesters

Constant support system | We provide free tutoring, financial aid for those who qualify and lifelong career services for every graduate

Education on your own terms | Our stair-step approach allows you to move forward with your education at your own pace

Faculty with real-world experience | Our instructors bring an insider’s perspective to the fields they teach